EEOICPA: SSFL, Canoga Facility, DeSoto Facility

Workers Exposed


Since the Manhattan Project, throughout  the Cold War, Race to Space, and to the present day, countless Americans  have given their lives and health to the development of our nuclear defense and the advancement of science and technology. Many were occupationally exposed to radiation, toxic chemicals and beryllium, often without their  knowledge or consent. In some cases, records of their exposures were lost or destroyed.



The Department of Labor (DOL) Energy  Employee Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICPA) can provide lump-sum compensation and medical benefits for cancer and  other illnesses related to workplace exposures that occurred at Department of Energy (DOE) facilities. Currently, more than 300 DOE Facilities nationwide are considered to be "covered facilities" under EEOICPA.

CORE Advocacy


CORE Advocacy for Nuclear & Aerospace Workers provides Authorized Representation to EEOICPA claimants and their eligible survivors who are affiliated with Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL), Canoga Facility, and DeSoto Facility. We are not attorneys. We are passionate about  advocacy for the workers and the improvement of EEOICPA legislation for all.


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